Lux: Consequences (Opal and Origins) Book Review

Lux: Consequences Opal and Origins) Book Review

Hello everyone! Long time, no talk. So, assuming my review of the first book got you addicted/ enthralled/ obsessed with this series. You’re welcome. I don’t think I can type up this review without inserting spoilers because I mean hello, it is the third and fourth book in the series.

So what can I actually tell you about this book without completely spoiling it for you? Well you can expect A LOT of action. Sprinkle in some humor, romance, and the characters we all love– you’ve got yourself Lux: Consequences. Now Consequences is Opal and Origins and if I had to pick the one I enjoyed the best out of the two I would hands down pick Origins. You get so much more world building and it’s just nonstop. I didn’t want to put it down. Plus the romance *swoon*. Now don’t get me wrong, I loved Opal as well, but Origin just packed a bit more of a punch. GO READ IT!

Honestly, I think that’s all I want to say for the nonspoilery part. So go, be free, and read Lux: Consequences.

Alright. Hi. Hello. I’m now going to assume you’ve all read Lux: Consequences…proceed at your own digression. So, I took some notes (pictured below) and basically I had a lot of feelings while reading this book.

Um, I’ll just be upfront, this review probably going to be all over the place, that being said I don’t even know where to start.
How about I just start with Opal. Okay so in the beginning my heart was literally breaking for Katy and Dee. I just wanted them to be friends again. And then when Blake came back, I was like are you actually kidding me right now? We have to deal with this dickhead? Again?!


Also the airborne weaponized Onyx when they went into Mount Weather the first time totally caught me off guard. I didn’t see that one coming. Oh and the Opal! I kinda guessed it could some how counteract the Onyx, but how freaking awesome is it? Like they just wear some Black Opal and they can kick some serious ass.

And can we just take a second to appreciate the scene in the beginning of Opal where Katy’s mother wakes up and goes into Katy’s room and Daemon is sitting at Katy’s desk, pretending to be innocently reading this bodice-ripping historical romance novel on Katy’s desk and mouths the word “codpiece?, while rolling his eyes, at Katy. I absolutely died! Moving onto sadder things, how about that ending? That heart wrenching ending between Daemon and Katy.

“I love you, Katy. Always have. Always will,” he said, voice thick and hoarse with panic. “I will come back for you. I will–“
Can you say heartbroken?


Okay so now jumping into Origins we get dual perspectives from Katy and Daemon. I really enjoyed this change in the narration and I love Daemon, so I liked spending time in his head. I think we all knew Daemon was going to get Katy back one way or another, no doubt. But I really liked how everything fell into place. Daemon going to Mount Weather, being taken to Area 51 (yes you read that right! Area 51), and then finally ending back up with Katy. Of course at Area 51 we find out Daedalus is experimenting with Luxen and Hybrid DNA to create LH-11 (…which I’m still really curious why Luc wanted it). Not only that, but we learn about Origins. Specifically those of the creepy-children-of-the-corn sort which just so happen to be living in the basement of Area 51. I loved the comparison Jennifer L Armentrout makes to the Origin “breakout” being like that scene in Jurassic Park with the velociraptors. Because yes. That’s exactly what they were.


Also speaking of Luxen-Hybrid babies. Dawson and Beth. I knew from the first moment Beth’s name was mentioned that she was pregnant. So that’s a thing. ALSO um Daemon and Katy getting married. In Vegas. In the Little White Chapel. And then they finally get some (or maybe a lot) of sexy time. But alas, we knew they couldn’t stay happy for long because that asshole Matthew stabs everyone in the back by trying to turn Katy and Daemon in to Daedalus. Screw off with these two-timing backstabbers.


Guess what that’s not all, Matthew was also the one who turned Dawson and Beth over. Talk about biggest dick of the year award. Moving forward, we have that intense battle in downtown Las Vegas between our favorite Luxen squad and Daedalus. They expose themselves as Luxen and shit actually hits the fan. People die, stuff explodes. It’s intense. Right so it can’t just stop there. No. Luc rounds everyone up and takes them to another secret place in Idaho. When you guessed it (okay well maybe you didn’t guess it because I didn’t. I thought Daedalus was full of shit), Luxen start raining down from space. It’s raining Luxen…not hallelujah because somehow the Black triplets get a phone call from E.T. and they turn into space cadets walking off to these other  space Luxens. And that’s it guys. This is where Jennifer L. Armentrout leaves us.


So yeah, that’s my review. If you can even call it that. Basically just read this series. Anyways, I’ll be posting a final review for this series once I finish Lux: Opposition. So keep an eye out if you like non-coherent book reviews.


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