P.S. I Like You Book Review

Kasie West has definitely won me over. I’m truly enjoying her books! I mean how can you not? They’re so cute! I recently finished P.S. I Love You and it delivered all of the cuteness. It’s about a girl named Lily who loves music: listening to it, writing it, creating it. And one day, in her Chemistry class, she writes some song lyrics on the desk from her favorite indie band (they’re pretty cool–you’ve probably never heard of them). The next day she finds someone else has penciled in the next line of the song. They begin to write notes back and forth to each other. I think you can guess what happens from here.

Overall I really enjoyed this book and I had a really hard time putting it down at night when I was supposed to be sleeping. Okay so that’s enough for the nonspoilery part; let’s get into discussing the book—warning you are about to get spoiled.

Okay, okay, okay can we just talk about Lily’s family? I loved seeing them all interact. Lily’s family felt like a real, genuine family. Crazy. Loud. And loving. I feel like a lot of times in YA novels the main characters family is just kind of there and pretty one dimensional/ under developed and that’s fine sometimes. But it doesn’t always work. Oh and when Lily’s guitar got broken and she thought it was her youngest brother Jonah but it was actually (secretly) Wyatt. And then Jonah and Lily’s older sister Ashley actually give Lily their money so she can buy a new guitar because Lily had spent everything she had on her old one. And at the end of the book we find out Wyatt did it because he wanted to learn how to play like his big sister, but he accidentally fell on it. That was such a sweet moment.

Next, Lily’s friendship with Isabel. Another thing I found to be real and refreshing. This is another rarity in YA books, friendships often take a backseat. But Isabel and Lily, even when they had their fight, they still came back to each other. They also didn’t let boys come between them, and one specifically– Cade.

Let’s just talk about Cade. Cade. Truly I knew it was Cade writing the letters to Lily. That was simple to figure out. BUT I still wasn’t into his extreme jerkish behavior. Even though we find out he does what he does because he thinks he’s helping people, giving Lily the nickname “magnet” due to an incident in gym class. But the name stuck. And that’s where I had a problem. Because even though Cade thought he was helping, he was wrong. Not everyone needs to be “saved” or “helped”. Lily and Cade have this discussion in the book, but still Cade did a few things that bothered me.

Regardless, he was also pretty damn cute. I loved that we saw a different side of him through the letters. Even though Cade and Lily couldn’t be more opposite, they were meant for each other.

I really enjoyed the song writing aspect throughout the book. I could seriously relate to this because when I was in Junior High (specifically) I would sit in class and write my own songs and different lyrics. So I totally understood Lily on that level. I adored that Cade was her muse . And when she performed the song (in her bedroom) she wrote about him for him, I swear I could hear the melody in my head. Let’s be real guys, I think it’s safe to say Lily won that song writing contest!

If you’re looking for an adorable, feel-good YA contemporary– look no further than P.S. I Like You. Or really any Kasie West book.

Thanks for reading! Talk to you guys soon! I’m currently reading A Court of Wings and Ruin and guys I have no words! I’ve been taking notes. So seriously expect lots of feels and word vomit in my next review!


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