Geekerella Book Review

“Look to the stars. Aim. Ignite.”

Hey. Hi. Hello! Guys I just finished Geekerella by Ashley Poston and let me tell you. It’s already in my top favorite books of the year. Geekerella is exactly what it sounds like. A geeky retelling of Cinderella and boy does it work! Geekerella is told in dual perspective– one being Elle (Danielle) whose just your average Starfield loving fan, who works at a vegan food truck, and has a wicked stepmother and two stepsisters. The other being Darien- an actor, model, total heartthrob, and (if you ask Elle) the person all wrong to play Prince Carmindor in the upcoming Starfield movie.

Geekerella is a beautiful love letter to geek culture and to the fandoms which exists because of it. It truly encapsulates fan culture beautifully! I loved how it was woven into every page. A nod here, reference there. If you’ve been a diehard fan of anything, you will absolutely appreciate Geekerella. This book spoke to my ever loving nerd soul. Elle is to Starfield as I am to Harry Potter. So I related to Elle immediately. Also I should clarify—Starfield is essentially a space television show; think Star Trek. But here’s the thing Starfield exists alongside Star Trek, and Battlestar Galactica, and Doctor Who, and all these other shows.

Okay I think I want talk spoilers now. SO if that’s not something you wana read, I’m sorry but you’ve got to go! Bye! Oh and go read Geekerella! Trust me.

So first I want to talk about Elle and her father, Robin—the creator of ExcelsiCon. Before Robin passed away, Starfield was how he and Elle bonded. It was a passion they both shared, Elle would even write Starfield fanfiction for her dad. So once he passed away, Starfield was really all she had left, that and the memories of her parents. A quick anecdote, if you don’t mind, I can remember—I had to have been 3 years old, sitting on our L-shaped pullout couch bed watching Star Wars (the original trilogy) on VHS with my dad and my sister. And that was my first introduction to Star Wars. I digress, it was just really endearing to see parts of their relationship because I could see similarities with my dad (I love you Dad! You too Mom, even though you don’t appreciate Star Wars in the same as we do lol).

So episode 54 of Starfield. The one Elle refuses to acknowledge. I think every television show has that one episode. For me it’s Doctor Who. Though I’m not really into Doctor Who anymore (I haven’t watched since Eleven left), but that episode with Ten and Rose. You know the one. The Doomsday episode. I can only imagine episode 54 of Starfield was something along the lines of that. Full of pain and heartbreak.

And lastly, the relationship between Elle and Darien was beautifully perfect. I loved the happenstance of them texting back and forth. I loved that Darien was just like Elle, a huge fan of Starfield. How they called each other ah’blena and ah’blen. I loved how they met at the con in the office and Elle couldn’t care less that it was “Darien Freeman” because they didn’t even know who each other truly was. And how they met throughout the con. The cosplay contest, the bathroom door, and of course the cosplay ball.

If it wasn’t clear from the beginning, I adored Geekerella. I loved it so much I basically read it in a day. Go pick up Geekerella the next time you’re at your local bookstore! Thanks for reading and catch you guys next time!

“An impossible moment in an impossible universe.”


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